Wednesday, 4 March 2009

The quiet house

It is a bit quiet without Tye, but he has a great new home.I find it hard when a foster leaves us but know a new one will be with us soon.

With Tye gone Millie and I thought Nicola would like to play.

I do have a bone to pick with 2 dogs.
The first is Tye Millie was keeping an eye on him when we were playing and today shy did his trick and sat on me while she had a rest when we were playing.
The other is Ben The Rottie I saw what you said on Millie's blog, I am not nuts just a collie


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Cara,

but you are nuts! How can you have so much energy? Are you part squirrel? All my Collie pals are a bit nuts, none of them do naps, now us Rotties love our naps.. possibly even more than we love treats! My bed is my most prizes possesion! Mum claims that the basket is my bed.. I beg to difer, the basket is my time machine (a place I get in and before you know it I am transported to another time) now MY bed is the big comfy fluffy thing that Mum & Dad like to think is theirs... I tell them time and time again, they can have the bed.. when.. and ONLY when I'm not using it.. they may squeeze in there with me.. anywhere they can fit, just as long as they don't expect me to move, because once I'm in full sleep mode my weight triples, my size increases threefold and they would have more chance of moving the house!

So you see... anyone who prefers zooomies to the delights of napping and sleeping, well clearly they are nuts.

so by proxy.. you are nuts!

I see Millie is being well trained and taking her rest times sitting on you.. well you are kinda furry and pillow like!

Tell Millie I approve :p

Ben xxxxx

Martha Basset said...

Hi Cara
Did Nicola want to play? We weren't too sure! I sit on Bailey all of the time, usually if she is getting attention!
I haven't seen what Ben the Rottie said on Millie's blog but you certainly are not nuts. We think collies are very clever although our mum is not sure she would have the energy for one!
You have to admit Cara you can wear rottweillers out so perhaps Ben is jealous! I expect I have spelt rottweiller wrong but I am just a basset!
If our mum was to foster we would be like the old woman in the shoe except it would be "so many dogs she didnt know what to do!"
We think families who foster are very special!
Martha xx

Martha Basset said...

Ben and me must have been posting at just the same time!!!
How spooky is that?