Saturday, 31 May 2008

Pics for last weekend

Hi Dad has sorted out some pics of me last weekend.

Walk with the family

Paws are much better now.
Mum and Dad have been to see some dogs today that need a new home.
They might be coming here next week.

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Robbie has gone

It is quiet here as Robbie went to his new home on Saturday.
That means I only have Jet to play with.

I had a busy weekend went to agility on Sunday and a nice long walk on Monday.
I did hurt my paws by sliding on the grass and paths so I am not allowed out but for short walks on the grass will get dad to put some photos on later

Thursday, 15 May 2008

The fat collie

Now just after I got here Sascha came to stay.

We did not get on to well but she found a great home.

When she came to us she was 26kg what a fatty.
When she went to her new home she was down to 24.5kg.
But the best news is her new mum rang tonight and she is now 19.5kg.
She is now a happy girl.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Pawz dog Walk

Last Monday with it been a holiday Dad ask a few of the fosters if they would like a walk together.

As always he left it to the last minute (ok he was still getting Robbie settled and sorting out a home check for saffy) But Marie and her gang and Sylvia and her dog came along. Saffy would have come with Sylvia but she went to her new home on Monday morning.
We had a great time chasing balls, jumping in the river I ment to do it this time.
The other people in the park did say what a lot of dogs ok there was 7 of us with 6 of us running around off our leads. Only Jacky was on his lead as Marie had only picked him up the day before.

Jet having fun with the spotty dogs.

Jet and Robbie in the river with Del thinking about it.

Mr Robinson

With Toby gone we have a new foster dog.

Robbie is a great soft lump i do not know why he was left alone.

We have great fun playing lets hope he finds his forever hope soon.
Toby update he has made himself at home Nicola my big human sis goes to school with his big
sister and saw some photos of him the other day asleep on the sofa another Pawz dog lands on his feet.