Thursday, 24 April 2008


Dad got a new foster dog on Monday.


He got his paw under the table straightaway.
But did have to laugh as after we met him dad put him in the bath.
this was because he had been in kennels and had someone coming to see him.
The family came on Monday night and fell in love with him.
What Auntie Lynne had told them but not us was he loves stones.
Dad had fun trying to get them off him.
So he went off to his new home last night via pets at home and the beach.
As it happens his new home is close to me so hope to meet up far some doggy fun when he is settled.

Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Collies on Water

Hi I have been away on holiday.

We went on a boating holiday on the Norfolk broads

me on the back of the boat

We found some great place to stop were me and Jet could have a good run of our leads.

I did get told off by my dad a few times for trying to chase the ducks but what are they for if not to chase. The best bit was playing with all the children apart for my 2 my dads nephews were with us and they loved kicking the football for me.

I did have a little accident as we were getting off the boat in Norwich I missed the quay and fell in the river dad had to pull me out, luckily I had my harrness on so it was not to hard. But as I was wet made sure they all got wet too when I had a good shake to dry off.

who let the pup drive the boat.
I was not to happy when we got back home dad put both of us in the bath he said we were smelly dogs.
So it was back to normal this week with a new foster dog coming in on Monday but more on him later

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Jed another Pawz dog find a home

This lovely boy came to us on foster and we had a great time. He was 10 months old and loved to play with me and Jet.

I am a little bit sad today as he went to his new home last night, but mam and dad have told me it will be wonderful for him out in the country. I did like Jed's new dad as he made a fuss of me when he came (like I gave him a choice).

So good luck Jed in your new home.

This is us playing

Monday, 7 April 2008

Happy birthday Jet

Now i am not a happy puppy!
I ask you who is the cute one in this house and who should be getting new things ME!
Just because it was his Birthday Jet got a new collar and a new kong flyer.

The birthday boy

will get him but, a new collar for me to grab him by and will nick the flyer when he is not looking

Saturday, 5 April 2008

Foster Dogs

Before Mam and dad said they would keep me there was a lot of talk about foster dogs.

They were trying to decide if they could still foster if I stayed. When I had been here about a week Auntie Lynne called and she brought another dog in Tye.
He was a lovely dog and was only with us for a few days be for he went to his forever home.
Well with everything going ok with Tye they decided to try 1 more foster as another collie needed a foster home (see a link here if Pawz for Thought have a collie it seems to come to dad).
So Auntie Lynne is back but this time she has brought in a barrel Sorry Sascha.
Will tell you all about her soon but must take dad out for a walk.

Thursday, 3 April 2008


Hi I was rescued by Pawz in January. After a few days with Lynne and pestering George I was taken to a foster home.
Well when I got to my foster home I thought this is ok, I had another dog Jet to play with 2 children to throw toys for me and lots of walks.
So I think to myself it might be ok to stay here and I start to give them my cute puppy act.
Haha they fell for it! and they adopted me.
So I now live with my Mam and Dad, the girls and my big brother Jet who is a collie.