Thursday, 19 June 2008

Agility Show

We went to an agility show on Saturday. I had a great time with lots of walks in the woods next to the show.
Some photos my mam took of Jet and Dad.

you mist someone Mam

Friday, 13 June 2008

The Mad House

What a week as I said in my last post we were getting some new foster dogs.
But last week Dad went to see someone who needed to rehome 4 dogs.
So last Thursday He went to pick them up so we had 4 foster dogs and us 2 in the house.

Lollipop and Sweat pea

Snubs And Sid

The little one playing with them.

Luckily Taz's Mum took the yorkie's on Friday so we only had the 2 for the weekend.
As you can understand Pawz had lots of people who wanted to rehome them.
We were lucky and found new homes that would take 2 so The yorkies went to 1 home and Snubs and Sid to another.

When we had just recovered from this Dad went on Monday to get the dogs he was going to foster first .
So on Monday night this pair came to stay.


Sorry about the photo but he would not stay still.

So Shep and Marley Went on Wednesday hopefully to there new home.

Well After that mad week we have a good weekend coming.
Saturday Jet has an Agility show will get Mum to take some photos and on Sunday we are going to the Great North Dog Walk.