Saturday, 14 March 2009

The beach

Well Millie has left us to live with Ben The Rotti.
Ben came to meet her at our house then we all went to the beach to meet up with some of our Pawz pals.
as normal we just ran after the ball, but what would you expect a collie to do.

Ben Thinks the North Sea is a bit cold

Bobby Saying Hi to Bens Mum

3 Rotti Pups

A wet Jet
Ben on the run
Can I eat this

Joanne Me Jet and Millie
I do miss Millie But am sure she will be happy with Ben's gang.


BenTheRotti said...

Hi Cara and Jet,

I really enjoyed myself yesterday, it was so much fun meeting you all and THANK YOU so much for letting me have Millie as a little sister. She is being a really good girl.. but boy can she eat!! I will have to be faster with my dinner or I may starve to death!! hehehe
Tell your Mum & Dad and Nicola and Joanne that they are the BEST! Thank you for everything.. all of you!

love and tailwags,

Ben xxxx

Martha Basset said...

Hi Cara
What a great day you all had - we were quite jealous!
I hope you don't miss Millie too much but you and your family have taken such good care of her.
Millie will always remember and I am sure she will keep in touch.
Well look at Bobby - he cant get rid of me!!
Lots of extra cuddles and licks for the humans today Cara.
lots of love
Martha & Bailey xx

taz and all the dogs in need said...

Kev and family you did a great job with Millie, mam was saying I need to live with you for a week, when can you take a booking..............Oh no joking really, I simply could not keep up with the collies

Samantha ~ Holly and Zac ~ said...

Hi Cara & Jet,

Thank you for visiting our blog. It is nice to meet you.

That looks like a great day at the beach, we went today for the first time this was great fun! :-)

Holly & Zac...XX

Bobby said...

I see you got me on my good side, and in a good mood. John said I was quite good I only grumped once or twice, well may be two or three times. John said we will miss Evo, he must be jokeing.
We went to the beach yesterday afternoon thought we might see you.